Tata Communications


Tata Communications is a world-wide provider of high quality communication services including internet, data centers, VOIP, CDNs, and high speed transmission. The goal of this project is to show the location and quantity of these services throughout the globe. The result is a web map viewer that can be accessed through a desktop browser or as an application on a tablet or smartphone. Users can filter to see only certain services and zoom into locations to get better detail about these services including the location of where the services are provided (e.g. what city).

The Tata Communications Map was developed using open source standards and tools, including Leaflet, TileMill, PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and PostGres/PostGIS. All data is served using Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards, including Web Mapping Services (WMS), Web Feature Services (WFS) and Web Coverage Services (WCS). The application supports geocoding of addresses and detailed basemap coverages using Bing Maps API.

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