Vetro FiberMap


Vetro makes it easier to target your fiber network investment and manage it for the long term. View your fiber network assets including cables, poles, material, and equipment. Stimulate demand for your fiber service by engaging neighborhoods with incentives and status updates. Quickly assess the costs and benefits of network expansion projects.

Vetro has three main features:

Asset Inventory Mapping and Display - view network assets, lit buildings, data centers, potential/existing customers, rights-of-way, conduits, and other features through a simple mapping interface.

Demand Generation and Tracking - increase your take rates by estimating and tracking the demand for current and proposed fiber network services. Pro-actively promote your expansion plans with potential customers.

Project Design and Planning - develop potential scenarios for expansion. Estimate the type and quantity of equipment that is needed, identify poles and/or conduits needed to place the fiber, show where splice points will occur, and indicate what points of presence (POPs) will be used.

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